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Using a variety of UFAC products, Dairy farmers can support freshly calved cows during critical periods, ensuring maximum performance and promoting recovery after birth.

Whilst certain agricultural animals are known to breed during specific months, typically springtime, dairy cows have multiple reproductive cycles throughout the year.

The first number of weeks before and after calving are the most critical periods in the reproduction cycle of a dairy cow and are the highest risk period for several diseases. These illnesses, such as retained placenta, mastitis and ketosis, can negatively impact the cow’s overall health and performance.

The consequences of failing to feed freshly calved cows sufficiently during this period can significantly lead to problems such as lower production and poorer fertility. Lower peak yields will also mean a lower milk performance for the rest of the lactation.

A freshly calved cow typically produces high levels of milk. However, to ensure maximum performance, it is essential to implement several feeding changes. The nutrient demand of a newly calved cow is approximately double that of a dry cow. It is important to supply plenty of energy and protein post-calving to maintain milk production and promote recovery after birth.

UFAC provides dairy farmers with a wide variety of feed supplements, proven to improve dairy cows’ overall production, health, and fertility pre and post-calving.

UFAC dynalac fat supplement packaging.

UFAC products


dynalac is a proven fat supplement for high-yielding herds, increasing dietary energy density to reduce body condition loss and improve overall production, health and fertility. Its unique combination of fatty acids helps meet the energy needs of milking cows while supplying the specific nutrients required for optimum performance at a time when intakes are suppressed.

dynalac also contains omega-3 fatty acids from marine sources. The inclusion of these omega-3 fatty acids can help inflammatory conditions early in life and increase dairy herd productivity.


utopia is a balanced supplement, designed for transition, early lactation and high-yielding cows. This supplement has been found to improve the immune system, liver function, and dry matter intake, helping cows settle into lactation.

utopia supplies essential fatty acids, boosts the supply of glucogenic energy and supplies rumen-inert Cholien to support the liver and reduce the risk of ketosis, one of the most harmful and damaging metabolic diseases in early lactating dairy cows.


glycerene boosts rumen-inert energy supply to transition and fresh-calved cows, helping them settle into lactation and achieve high dry matter intake while minimising body condition loss. glycerene’s greater glucose supply improves total fatty acid absorption and provides glucogenic energy, helping to reduce body condition loss and increasing milk yield.


glyco-buf is a specific rumen buffer containing glycerol, designed to maintain optimum rumen pH in high-yielding, transition and early lactation cows. glyco-buf improves energy supply leading to improved DMI, lower body condition loss, fewer metabolic disorders and increased yields. 

Research shows loss in milk production can be up to 2.9 litres/ cow/ day by failing to maintain optimal rumen pH. Thanks to gylco-buf, farmers can ensure that their dairy cow maintains a rumen pH between 5.5 and 6.8.

supa cream

Suited to all stages of lactation, supa-cream is the ideal fat supplement to boost energy when cows are managed as a single milking group. Proven to be the balanced replacement for calcium soaps and hydrogenated fats, supa cream provides the most effective source of omega-3 fatty acids and boosts the immune system to improve overall health and reproductive efficiency. 

omega cream 

omega cream is a combined C16 fat and omega 3 supplement designed for top-performing cows to produce to their potential, delivering high milk constituents and excellent reproductive performance. It contains omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) from marine sources, providing improved immune status and pregnancy maintenance.

Mortality in dairy calves has emerged as a major challenge in recent years. Calves are born immunologically immature and are highly susceptible to infectious diseases.Including these omega-3 fatty acids can help inflammatory conditions early in life and increase dairy herd productivity.


mycotrap is UFAC’s independently tested and enhanced broad-spectrum mycotoxin absorbent that is proven to minimise the levels of mycotoxins throughout the entire gastrointestinal tract. 

mycotrap supports the recovery of immune status by increasing energy supply and minimises the risk of mould growth in feed. It also incorporates specific activated clay minerals with added glucose precursor, glycerine, to enhance toxin control and improve liver function.

Having supplied the animal feed industry for over 45 years, we recommend contacting a member of our team today to find the perfect feed supplement for your freshly calved dairy cows, or contacting a nutritionist to help you feed to your cow’s full potential.