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Our business

For more than 40 years, UFAC has set the pace of innovation in supplements, making a difference in the performance and profitability of livestock production, and supporting businesses globally.

With environmental responsibility and sustainability at the heart of everything we do, we have developed and perfected the science of blending liquid nutrient sources and bonding them into protected matrices. The result is a range of products specifically designed to enhance the value of livestock. With particular expertise in the use of oils, fats, amino acids and liquid sugars as nutritional supplements, UFAC-UK embraces a partnership ethos across all parts of the food supply chain. We have well-established links with all areas of the industry, and continuously contribute to knowledge transfer and training. We are proud of our heritage, but equally committed to delivering solutions to a dynamic farming industry, based on performance and sustainability, consistently making the difference for the global agri-food sector.


UFAC-UK has built a strong international presence, supplying quality nutritional supplements from our UK manufacturing facility, as well as through our US subsidiary, UFAC-US LLC in Illinois. From these two sites we deliver to over 25 countries world-wide, across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Our People

Dirk Van Kessel

European Development Manager

David Turnbull

UK Sales & Marketing Manager

Phone: 07771 843208

Richard Lapthorne

Business Manager North

Phone: 07788 963487

James Hastings-Molyneux

Business Manager South East

Phone: 07538 763832

Mark Townsend

Business Manager South West

Phone: 07788 294539

Vijay Nigdikar

Export Director

Phone: 07733 365907

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  Our Responsibility
Our Responsibility

We have a huge responsibility to help achieve global food security, through safe, sustainable and healthy food production.

As pioneers of new technology in the field of lipid nutrition, helping to improve performance and profitability throughout the livestock production process, we are uniquely positioned to align our activities and the demands of our customers, with our global responsibility for environmental sustainability.

We base our responsibilities on a close alignment with the core principles set out within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals , and this influences how we approach balancing the needs of the industry with global environmental challenges.

Specifically, UFAC-UK is committed to helping achieve these targets through innovation and collaboration, developing nutritional products that benefit animals and the human food chain. Underpinning everything is the need to combine these targets and aspirations, with the real need to feed the growing world population, and this can only be achieved by a profitable and productive farming sector. Our responsibility is to find the right tools, with the right environmental footprint.

Environment & Sustainability

There are key UN Sustainability Goals that we at UFAC-UK can play a part in, and contribute to, if we are to deliver a sustainable agri-food industry for future generations.

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Our Vision, Values and Beliefs

Making the difference…
Our vision, values and beliefs are embedded in everything we do. Recognising the critical role the animal feed sector plays in the food supply chain is an essential element of this.

Our whole ethos at UFAC-UK has always been based around innovation and science-led development, making the difference by adopting technology to drive our customers’ performance, productivity and profitability. Our approach is to embrace change, without losing sight of the core aims and responsibilities of our industry – to feed a growing global population.

As an industry, we all have a commitment to create an infrastructure and environment to ensure this can be achieved, through sustainable food supply and farming production. Our vision is to integrate and combine our knowledge and innovation to deliver practical solutions, matching the needs of our customers across all industry sectors, with the global challenges facing the world today.

Our Mission
Our mission is to innovate and develop feed and nutritional practises that benefit all elements of the food supply chain, by optimising farm performance and supporting animal and human health, whilst protecting the environment and enhancing partner profitability.

UFAC-UK is making the difference by working in partnership and encouraging strategic alliances with our key industry partners across the entire food supply chain. It is only by working together that we can achieve a profitable and resilient farming sector, producing a sustainable global food supply.

By improving efficiencies, together we can minimise waste, carbon footprints and the environmental impact of food production, while supporting a profitable, resilient and sustainable farming industry.

By recognising the value of each element of the chain, and through collaboration with distributors and food manufacturers worldwide, we can deliver outcomes to ensure sustainable food supplies and farming production for future generations. Our role continues to be the development, manufacture and supply of innovative nutritional solutions to the animal feed industry, to help drive this dynamic food supply chain.

Delivering Solutions
Delivering Solutions