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Tech Resources

Take a look at our resources for helpful tips and information about animal feeding and supplements, including the benefits of using the palm-free fat supplement envirolac.

Resource Black and white image of a cow

Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Animal Nutrition

Resource Seven brown cows feeding on grass in a field

Maximising profit from feeding beef cattle

Resource Black and white image of a cow

Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Male Reproductive System

Resource Person stroking a baby cow

Improving cow health fertility and milk quality with fat supplementation

Resource Line of feeding Holstein Friesian cows in a feeding shed.

Feeding rumen inert Glycerine vs Monopropylene glycol

Resource Multiple cows grazing on grass in a field

Rumen Protected fats and Rumen inert Fats for dairy cows. Calcium soaps, Palm fat, C16, omega 3


Register to watch our selection of webinars on demand where we invite a team of industry experts to share their thoughts, knowledge and ideas about animal feeding and supplementation.


Sustainability. Great for the planet, but what’s in it for me?

Guest speakers:

Prof. Phil Garnsworthy (University of Nottingham), Andrew Bell (Muller Milk) and Becky Wilson (Farm Carbon Toolkit).

Host:Mark Young (Head of Sustainability at CIEL)

Case studies

Browse our list of case studies where UFAC animal feed supplements continue to make the difference in animal health and performance, nutrition and consumer health.

Case Study Neil Baker case study

Rushywood Farm Case Study

Reducing farm carbon footprints while maintaining contract requirements on Arla pilot regenerative farm

Case Study Dairy cows grazing inside

cholymet Case Study

Can reducing soya bean meal in animal feed provide the same amount of protein as regular supplements?

Case Study

envirolac Case Study

Can a palm-free fat supplement be as effective as calcium soap?