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Maximising profit from feeding beef cattle

There are many and varied beef feeding systems but they should all have clear aims of generating maximum profit and meeting market requirements. Crucial, therefore, in all systems is driving feed efficiency whilst producing carcases of the weight and quality desired by the market.

Breed, frame size and target market will vary but the opportunity to exploit maximum genetic potential through feeding is consistent. Whilst utilisation of home-grown feeds is often preferred and desirable consideration must be given to using other nutrient specific feed materials in order to create balanced cost-efficient diets that optimise feed efficiency, increase growth rates and maximise profit.

Energy density is the key to this and providing it in the right form is crucial. Too much starch in the early growth stage results in poor grading carcases and in the latter stage also risks laminitis and acidosis. Feeding specific fatty acids that support feed conversion, growth rate and lean deposition is the most effective way of achieving when provided in rumen inert form.

UFAC’s new Beef Feeding Plan, supported by NutriOpt diet formulations, personalised technical support and specially formulated products should be of interest to all beef producer members. It shows how it is possible to increase margins by £49 per head or throughput on the farm by up to 10%.

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