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Improving rumen health in high yielding cows during transition and early lactation.

A specific rumen buffer containing glycerol, designed to maintain optimum rumen pH in high yielding, transition and early lactation cows. glyco-buf improves energy supply, leading to improved DMI, lower body condition loss, fewer metabolic disorders and increased yields.

Research shows loss in milk production can be up to 2.9 litres/cow/day by failing to maintain optimal rumen pH.

glyco-buf is a unique calcium-glycerol product developed to help maintain optimum rumen health and fibre digestion.

A highly palatable free flowing, slow-release meal.

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Mil yield
Dairy cow
No palm oil
Environmentally friendly
Made in the UK


Dry matter (%) 86.0
Oil (%) 0.8
Protein (%) 1.0
Fibre (%) 17.6
Ash (%) 10.0
Rumen inert sugar (Glycerol) (%) 52.0
ME (Mj/kg DM) 14.5

Key benefits

  • ufac Maintains rumen pH between 5.5 and 6.8
  • ufac Reduces the risk of acidosis and SARA
  • ufac Improves fibre digestion and DMI in high acid loading and concentrate diets
  • ufac Supplies glucose direct to the liver for lactose production to drive milk production
  • ufac Reduces the risk of fatty liver and ketosis

Improving rumen health in high yielding cows during transition and early lactation.

Why use glyco-buf?

  • check red Lower feed costs
  • check red Higher milk yields
  • check red Higher dry matter intakes
  • check red Improved milk constituents: fat and lactose
  • check red Reduce body condition score losses
  • check red Healthier, more profitable animals
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