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An excellent source of natural protein and energy, the seapak supplement has proven applications in poultry diets. 

Combining balanced amino acids, vitamins and minerals with omega-3 fatty acids, seapak is a high-quality source of protein and energy. Used to balance locally produced raw materials for the formulation of top-quality, highly digestible diets, Seapak helps improve performance, in turn helping to lower feed costs and maximising profitability.

A free-flowing, fine to medium granulation, produced from the freshest raw materials, seapak is free from any antibiotics, hormones or harmful chemicals.

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Typical Analysis

Dry Matter 96.0%
Crude Protein 65.0%
Oil 10.0% max
Ash (Mineral) 14.0%
M.E. 3402 kcals/kg
G.E. 4999 kcals/kg

seapak benefits

  • Improves Feed Conversion Ratios (FCR)
  • Increases growth rates
  • Improves feed intakes
  • Supports immune system
  • Improves fertility
  • Maintains essential health and vitality

“The sustainable, high protein replacement for fishmeal in monogastric diets”

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