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cholymet is a granular, free-flowing rumen-inert dairy cow supplement, here to transform how we feed our livestock. cholymet is an innovative precursor to reducing our reliance on soya bean meal in ruminant animal feed and offers a more sustainable alternative that promises healthier, more productive dairy cows.

Boasting a carefully formulated blend of key components, including choline, lysine, methionine, and glycerine, these essential elements are thoughtfully encapsulated to ensure the efficient delivery of vital nutrients to the lower gut during the critical transition and early lactation periods, especially for high-producing cows. Choline, known for its role in liver function and fat metabolism, and Mentionine, an essential amino acid that enhances cow wellbeing, work together to influence various metabolic functions that positively impact cow health.

HealthMil yieldFertilityEnvironmentally friendlyMade in the UK

Typical analysis (FW)

Dry matter (%) 81.60
Oil (%) 16.70
Protein (%) 30.30
Fibre (%) 0.00
Ash (%) 31.50
Lysine (%) 20.10
Methionine (%) 10.20
Choline (mg/kg) 31.73
MER (MJ/kg) DM 8.50
Sugar (%) 1.60

Key features

  • Reduces metabolic stress at the most critical time of the cow’s production cycle
  • Helps meet the amino acid requirements of transition & early lactation dairy cows while reducing total crude protein being fed

“We have seen improved yields, total milk solids, health & fertility whilst reducing total protein fed via the reduction of soya”

Why use cholymet?

  • Improves milk yield and constituents
  • Reduces the level of soya bean meal in rations
  • Reduces GHG emissions
  • Lowers the carbon footprint of the feed
  • Increases return on investment
  • Increases feed conversion efficiency (FCE)
  • Enables lower crude protein rations
  • Primes liver function to help minimise metabolic disorders
  • Facilitates amino acid balance in rations

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