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procon natural 40ufac

Non-urea-based 40% protein concentrate, designed for pre-ruminant, rearing, growing, finishing & milking livestock. It contains 50% soya to supply a high level of digestible undegradable protein (DUP) and enhance superior daily live weight gain, including muscle growth, milk yield & protein.

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Typical analysis

Dry matter (%) 89.0
Crude Oil & Fat (%) 2.5
Crude Protein (%) 40
Crude Fibre (%) 5.9
Ash (%) 7.1
ME (MJ/kgDM) 14.0

Key features

  • ufac Un-mineralised
  • ufac High Soya inclusion
  • ufac High in DUP
  • ufac Highly palatable
  • ufac Complements high forage diets
  • ufac Very versatile and suitable for most livestock

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