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lacto-mega is a proven energy supplement ideal for transition and early lactating dairy cows.

Made up of high-quality glycerine and omega-3 marine oils on a friable base, Lacto-mega has been developed to support dairy cows during the transition and early lactation period.

Lacto-mega is a glucogenic-lipogenic formula designed to increase dietary energy density and help minimise loss of body condition and associated metabolic disorders.

The glucose pre-cursor glycerine acts as the driver for milk production, while the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, support immune function and the reproductive system. In combination, Lacto-mega helps maximise milk production and optimise cow health and fertility.

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Typical Analysis

Dry Matter 88.0%
Sugars 36.0%
Oil and Fats 13.6%
Protein 3.1%
Fibre 14.7%
Ash 8.3%
ME (Ruminants) 16.81 MJ/kg (4078Kcal) DM

lacto-mega benefits

  • ufac Increases milk production
  • ufac Maintains optimal level of milk fat and protein
  • ufac Minimises loss of body condition
  • ufac Supports rumen stability
  • ufac Improves efficiency of fat absorption
  • ufac Supplies EPA & DHA omega-3 oils
  • ufac Strengthens the immune system, improving overall health and efficiency

Supporting efficient milk production, fertility and all-round performance for transition and early lactating dairy cows.

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