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A carefully formulated combination of glycerine, choline and omega-3 fatty acids, glu-cho-mega is ideal for transition cows to help offset against risks associated with depressed dry matter intakes and negative energy balance, helping to set cows up for a successful lactation.

Cows resort to the shortest route available to fulfil energy deficit during transition, leading to mobilisation of the cow’s energy reserves, used mainly by the liver and muscles. 

Fatty infiltration of the liver can decrease liver function, and the negative energy balance that causes ketosis can decrease milk production and is often associated with milk fever, metritis, mastitis and displaced abomasum (DA)

glu-cho-mega has been proven to reduce risk of fatty livers and ketosis, improve fertility and reproductive performance, while enhancing milk production.

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Typical Analysis

Dry Matter 86.0%
Sugars 42.0%
Oils and Fats 6.6%
Crude Protein 0.8%
Crude Fibre 19.0%
Crude Ash 7.3%
Sodium 1.45%
ME (Ruminants) 14.5MJ/kg DM
NEL (Ruminants) 9.5 MJ/kg DM

glu-cho-mega benefits

  • Reduces the risk of fatty livers
  • Enhances milk production
  • Boosts fertility and reproductive performance
  • Helps prevent negative energy balance
  • Supplies essential nutrients direct to the liver, increasing glucose available to the cow
  • Reduces levels of BHBs and NEFAs in the blood, the by-products of inefficient fat utilisation and body fat mobilisation

Helping to maximise milk production and improve fertility, while reducing risk of ketosis and negative energy balance at transition

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