CIEL's Katie Davies visits Leicestershire manufacturing facilities| UFAC-UK
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UFAC welcomes CIEL Business Development Manager, Katie Davies, to Leicestershire manufacturing facilities

Last week, UFAC was delighted to welcome Katie Davies, business development officer at The Centre of Innovation in Excellence in Livestock (CIEL), to our manufacturing facilities near Rutland in Leicestershire.

Katie was shown around the site, and we discussed future opportunities for development and funding, and ways in which CIEL and UFAC can continue to work together to bring high-performance innovative products to market and improve efficiencies in the manufacturing process. 

UFAC and CIEL previously worked together to develop palm-free fat supplement envirolac, which was launched in August 2022.

CIEL partially funded the original research with Professor Phil Garnsworthy, which set out to determine the effect of the envirolac supplement for dairy cows on milk production, cow health, fertility, feed conversion efficiency, and potential implications for healthier milk for human consumption.