envirolac - Proven palm-free fat supplement for dairy cows


The proven palm-free fat supplement for high-yielding dairy cows.

envirolac is the solution for farming and environmental sustainability, proven to increase milk yields and quality while offering a lower carbon footprint than palm-oil based fat supplements.

envirolac is designed to increase dietary energy density while optimising rumen fermentation and prime liver function in order to increase milk yield and constituents and improve cow health and fertility.

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Dairy cow
Mil yield
Omega 3
Consumer health
Carbon footprint
No palm oil
Environmentally friendly
Made in the UK

Typical Analysis (FW)

Dry Matter (%) 94.0
Protein (%) 2.2
Oil and Fats (%) 50.0
Ash (%) 3.0
Fibre (%) 22.5
ME (MJ/kg DM) 29.8

envirolac Benefits

  • ufac High Return on Investment
  • ufac Results demonstrate that envirolac has a higher feed conversion
  • ufac Farmers can invest in envirolac to reduce their carbon footprint
  • ufac envirolac provides a cost-effective solution to milk buyers' carbon footprint reduction requirements, without having to pay a premium
  • ufac envirolac increases butterfat production, helping farmers achieve contract targets more easily
  • ufac Financial gains achieved through higher milk yields, butterfat and protein outweighs outlay costs
  • ufac envirolac is more palatable for cows
  • ufac Farmers can achieve potential bonuses payable by processors to those who lower their carbon footprint

Targeted and precision feeding of envirolac offers producers significant financial gains through improved quantity and quality of milk produced and reduced cost of concentrate feeding.

Why use envirolac?

  • check red Increase in milk yield
  • check red Increase in butterfat
  • check red Increase in protein
  • check red Increase in fat
  • check red Did not affect DMI
  • check red Did not affect methane
  • check red Lowered the carbon footprint of the feed
  • check red Increase in milk short-chain fatty acids and DHA
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