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omega 3 supplement (ruminant)ufac

The fatty acid supplement enhancing fertility, reproductive performance and immunity.

Bringing all the benefits previously associated with fishmeal, omega 3 supplement is formulated to supply key fatty acids, including EPA and DHA, to support high yields, reproductive performance and immune systems.

omega 3 supplement gives the cow a real boost by providing the optimum ratio of Omega 6: omega 3 fatty acids, with the omega 3s coming from the most effective marine oil source.

omega 3 supplement increases egg size and quality, reducing early embryonic losses and improving reproductive performance.

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Made in the UK
No palm oil

Typical analysis (FW)

Dry matter (%) 95.0
Oil (%) 50.0
Protein (%) 1.1
Fibre (%) 23.5
Ash (%) 11.2
Rumen inert sugar (%) 0.0
MER (MJ/Kg DM) 25.5

Key benefits

  • ufac Stronger heats
  • ufac Improves conception rates and reduces days open
  • ufac Better overall fertility with fewer cows culled as unintentionally barren
  • ufac Strengthens immune system, improving overall health and efficiency
  • ufac Improves feed intakes and milk yield by increasing effective energy supply

The fatty acid supplement enhancing fertility, reproductive performance and immunity.

Why use omega 3 supplement?

  • check red Increased egg size
  • check red Higher progesterone production
  • check red Uterus development to enhance embryo implantation
  • check red Increased immune system
  • check red Enhanced calf vitality

omega 3 supplement fatty acid profile

(% of TFA)

≤C14:0 Myristic 5.9
C16:0 Palmitic 14.0
C18:0 Stearic 3.3
C18:1 Oleic 11.7
Total omega 3s 30.2
Ω6:Ω3 ratio - 0.2:1
C18:2 Linoleic 4.9
C18:3 Linolenic 0.7
C20:5 EPA 11.4
C22:5 DPA 1.3
C22:6 DHA 16.8
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