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buta-cup extra is a specific balanced blend of fatty acids derived from highly digestible oils and C16 fats combined with glycerine to give a highly palatable free-flowing meal. It is designed to boost milk yield & butter fat. Enabling the cows to milk to their potential and maximising the milk contract’s value.

The unique combination of rumen inert fatty acids helps meet the energy needs of high yielding milking cows, while supplying the balance of fats required to optimise fat utilisation and butterfat production.

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Dairy cow
Mil yield
Made in the UK

Typical Analysis

Dry matter (%) 96
Oil (%) 72.7
Protein (%) 1.0
Fibre (%) 11.5
Ash (%) 3.7
Sugar (%) 4.9
ME (MJ/kgDM) 35.0

Key Benefits

  • ufac Contains high level of C16:0
  • ufac High in C18:1
  • ufac Includes Glycerine
  • ufac Being rumen-inert it can be included with no risk of acidosis
  • ufac Provides essential fatty acids

The unique fat supplement for efficient butterfat production

Why use buta-cup extra?

  • check red Optimises milk yield & fat, while keeping cows healthy
  • check red Increases ration energy density and total energy intakes
  • check red Helps maximise total fat absorption
  • check red Designed to increase F.C.E
  • check red Highly digestible

buta-cup extra fatty acid profile

C14:0 Myristic (%) 2.6
C16:0 Palmitic (%) 75.7
C18:0 Stearic (%) 6.9
C18:1 Oleic (%) 9.7
C18:2 Linoleic (%) 2.5
C18:3 Linolenic (%) 0.6
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