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A sustainable source of omega 3s produced using algae, supporting growth, development and reproduction.

algi18dha is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, vegetable source of omega 3 fatty acid DHA, playing a crucial role in reproductive health and young animal nutrition.

A free-flowing meal of algae oil from native Schizochytrium species, on a carrier base of natural clay mineral, algi18dha is an alternative to fish oil, helping to reduce pressure on global wild fish populations.

algi18dha also enhances the nutritional profile of eggs and meat with omega 3, to benefit human health.

Easy to incorporate in feed.

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Consumer health
Environmentally friendly
Made in the UK

algi18dha analysis

Dry matter (%) 99.0
Oil (%) 45.0
Protein (%) 6.0
Fibre (%) 5.0
Ash (%) 35.0
DHA (%) of Biomass 18.0
Vitamin E iu/kg 2000.0

Key benefits

  • ufac Produced from native algae
  • ufac Contains a minimum of 18% omega 3 DHA in the biomass
  • ufac Highly digestible oil
  • ufac Free of contaminants and heavy metals
  • ufac Free flowing
  • ufac Consistent nutritional profile
  • ufac Fully traceable and sustainable source

A sustainable source of omega 3s produced using algae, supporting growth, development and reproduction.

Why use algi18dha?

  • check red Positively influences reproductive health
  • check red Positively influences gastro-intestinal tract
  • check red Positively influences cognitive health and immunity
  • check red Enhances nutritional value of consumer products (pig and poultry meat, eggs)
  • check red Provides alternative source of omega 3s for consumer products

algi18dha fatty acid profile

(% of TFA)

C16:0 Palmitic 15.0
C18:1 Oleic 17.0
C18:2 Linoleic 5.0
C18:3 Linolenic 3.0
C22:6 DHA 40.0
Total omega 3s (%) 43.0
Ω6:Ω3 ratio - 0.12:1

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