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UFAC has become a force in ruminant nutrition developing innovative products to help farmers meet new challenges.

UFAC UK Past, Present and Future

Since it’s establishment by Robert Jones in 1976, UFAC has become a force in ruminant nutrition based on the foundation of developing innovative products to help farmers meet new challenges.


Robert developed the techniques and technology to allow the stable incorporation of fats, molasses, glycerol and sugar syrups into TMR systems. This also had the benefit of protecting the liquids from rumen degradation, making them rumen-inert.


  • We have invested in our production facility in Rutland, with a state of the art process control system, new raw material storage tanks, automatic packing systems and a new array of quality assurance facilities. This has all been overseen by Richard Jones, the next generation of the family to be involved in UFAC UK. Production capacity has been significantly increased to keep pace with ever-rising sales.
  • We have expanded the raw materials available for use, meaning products can be more closely tailored to customer requirements.
  • To facilitate a thriving and rapidly- growing export business, UFAC US LLC was established in 2008. In all, we export to almost 30 countries world-wide. As with our UK operations, the aim is to enable customers and farmers to maximise the value and use of home-grown raw materials and forages.
  • The future development will be determined by the customers and their marketplace. UFAC UK are uniquely positioned to supply dairy farmers with products that will improve production and fertility; improve cow health; and, ultimately, increase profitability for the farmer. For beef and sheep farmers, UFAC UK can help improve growth rates and carcase quality in finishing stock, whilst ensuring breeding animals perform to their genetic potential.
  • We continue to develop innovative solutions based on R&D. We are investigating ways to reduce saturated fats in milk and improving fatty acid profile of meat. We continue to investigate ways to improve overall digestibility of fats, and increase protein utilisation.
  • UFAC UK products also provide concentrated energy for pigs and poultry aimed at improving the quality of meat and eggs. The essential fatty acids in UFAC UK products improve health and disease resistance, and are also used in a variety of pet foods too.

As pressure mounts on all livestock production to produce food cost- effectively, with due regard to consumer health and the environment, UFAC UK and our products will prove their worth time and again.