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Sustainable feed source helps dairy sector adapt to consumer environmental demands

Consumer pressure is dictating how livestock farmers, particularly in the dairy sector, are managing diets, and overall feed management systems, to meet growing environmental concerns.

Demands from processors and supermarkets to reduce carbon footprints and develop sustainable practices, and alignment to the NFU’s NetZero goal by 2040, is adding further pressures on farmers to find innovative alternatives for dairy herds whilst maintaining productivity.

Ensuring adequate energy intakes and supplying the essential fatty acids that cows need remains the foundation of any efficient milk production unit. Notably, essential Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, play a huge role in supporting the immune system and fertility during the transition and early lactation period.

With concerns over the environmental impact of sourcing Omega-3 fatty acids through fish oils, a sustainable approach should be adopted.

Head and shoulers shot of man smiling, Nigel Bateson, UFAC.

These concerns have been addressed through dynalac, a carefully formulated blend of fatty acids from nutritional supplement manufacturer UFAC-UK, delivering the energy required to ensure cows milk to their potential, including EPA and DHA fatty acids from the most effective and environmentally responsible marine oil source.

“Long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA help to increase progesterone, the pregnancy maintenance hormone, as well as giving the immune system a boost,” explains UFAC-UK national sales manager, Nigel Bateson.

“The long-chain Omega-3s contained in dynalac are sustainably sourced from marine oil. 100% of the raw material intake of this marine oil is sourced as a by-product from the human food industry, thus utilising the nutrient potentials and contributing to the circular economy,” he adds.

dynalac is a palm-free fat supplement, with its unique combination of fatty acids achieving the same and additional benefits over alternative palm-oil based supplements such as calcium soaps.

Mr Bateson adds, “The impact on tropical rainforests caused by palm oil production is equally high on the agenda of retailers and consumers, making it one of the major environmental concerns facing the UK animal feed sector.

“Not only are the environmental and sustainability credentials of dynalac clear, this highly palatable, free-flowing meal is ideal for incorporation in all dairy diets, regardless of stage of lactation, ensuring cow productivity is optimised,” Mr Bateson concludes.