UK Heatwave: Protecting dairy herds from heat stress - UFAC UK
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Driest July in England since 1935

Increase your herd’s ration energy density

As the dry weather period continues across the UK, it’s not only heat stress that our industry needs to contend with. According to the latest report by GrassWatch, grass growth rates are falling and are well below the last 6-year average.

UFAC UK’s Ruminant Technical Manager, Mike Chown, recommends increasing your herd’s ration energy density during the dry weather period:

“Animals experiencing high temperature-humidity eat less, and with grass supply low, now is the time to increase your ration energy density. We recommend feeding at least 500g/cow/day of dynalac and glyco-buf to protect your herd’s health and buffer subacute ruminal acidosis (SARA) caused by heat stress. By increasing the quantity of each fat supplement, you can supply the essential fatty acids your herd needs along with glucogenic energy and buffer without generating any further heat in the rumen.”


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A proven fat supplement for high-yielding dairy cow. Dynalac’s unique combination of fatty acids helps meet the energy needs of milking cows, while supplying the specific nutrients required for optimum performance at a time when intakes are suppressed.


Designed to improve rumen health n high yielding, transition and early lactation cows. Glyco-buf improves energy supply, leading to improved DMI, lower body condition loss, fewer metabolic disorders and increased yields.