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envirolac - The fat supplement for dairy farming and environmental sustainability

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Backed by research

envirolac is the solution for farming and environmental sustainability, proven to increase milk yields and quality while offering a lower carbon footprint than palm-oil supplements. envirolac is designed to increase dietary energy density while optimising rumen fermentation and prime liver function to increase milk yield and constituents and improve cow health and fertility.

Formulated using research, envirolac was validated in an independently controlled scientific trial: ‘Evaluation of a palm-free fat supplement for dairy cows’. The trial led by internationally renowned Professor of Dairy Science at the University of Nottingham, Dr Phil Garnsworthy, and supported by The Centre of Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL), compared envirolac against a palm-oil-based control diet.

The University of Nottingham Ciel

The results

  • Higher milk yields
  • Increase in butterfat
  • Increase in protein
  • Did not affect dry matter intake
  • Improved feed efficiency
  • Reduces milk carbon footprint
  • Did not affect methane
  • Increase in milk long-chain fatty acids and DHA
  • Healthier, more profitable cows

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    Professor Phil Garnsworthy

    Professor Phil Garnsworthy

    University of Nottingham

    “The problem with palm oil is that it’s associated with deforestation and has a high carbon footprint. We wanted to test using locally sourced vegetable oils plus fish oil to see whether it could perform better than a calcium soap. The results saw the dairy cows producing more milk and increased butterfats with no difference in dry matter intakes and only ⅓ of the carbon footprint of the palm oil based fat.”
    Lyndsay Chapman

    Lyndsay Chapman


    “This project represents our ideal way of working - CIEL working in partnership with UFAC and the University of Nottingham - three parties focused on getting fantastic results that will benefit the whole agriculture farming industry. Sustainability, nutrition and what we’re using to feed our farm animals are at the forefront of our agricultural industry. Working together in consortiums, bringing industry and academia together, will lead to developing new products that have the capacilites to really help farming communities.”

    Commercial Farm Trial: A palm free diet sees yield improvements and components maintained for Arla regenerative pilot farm