Cowsignals training

Cowsignals training day

UFAC UK’s Mike Chown have recently given a cowsignals training course, the words below are fromĀ Jamie Butler, Joint owner of Whitewool Farm and Meon Springs.


” Very pleased to be hosting UFAC (UK) Ltd, and Martin Attwell, who were presenting a CowSignals Training Company course at Meon Springs yesterday. The aim of Cow Signals is to significantly improve the welfare of dairy cows by getting us cow managers to really understand what the cows are telling us by their behaviour, ask why they are doing it and what can be done to change things for the better. For example, you often see sheds where cows are not lying in certain areas – is that due to a ventilation problem or uncomfortable bedding. Do the cows look sunken eyed? This could be dehydration, in which case are the water troughs clean enough? The same analysis can be considered for humans in the office. Of course with humans, dehydration can be for a number of reasons, however have you ever considered the behaviour of your team around your office environment? Is there anything to be learned from that? “”


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